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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by on my blog. Welcome!
I am Eline and I started Bible Journaling in October 2017. On this blog I'd like to show you how I make stuff, what I use, how I use it, etc.

What is Bible Journaling?
Bible Journaling it basically making art in your (journaling) Bible. You pick out a Bible verse you want to work out/highlight. It can also be a song that you like or just another random sentence. What I like about Bible Journaling is that it's also my time with God. You can use your hobby to worship God. Isn't that just wonderful?

How to Journal?
There are a lot of different ways to journal. Some people like to draw, I really CAN'T draw so you won't see me do that. Some people like to use stuff from Illustrated Faith (link here). Some people paint. And I like to combine washi tape, watercolor, stickers, stamps, paper etc. I never use stuff from Illustrated Faith. I guess I don't like it when it's already 'made' for me. I'd like to design everything myself.

What Bible do you use?
I'm not using the Bible I take to church. I bought a Bible which is specially made for journaling. Right now I'm working in a Dutch journaling Bible. But there are so many Bible you can use. Take a look at Dayspring (link here) or Amazon. They sell a lot Journaling Bibles.

Do you like to start? You don't need a Bible for that. Start using a notebook you don't use anymore and see if you like it.

Some of you might journal for a while already. And some of you have never done it before. I hope I could explain you a bit more about Bible Journaling with this blog. Although I think photos explain everything better than words. I'll keep you posted. Good luck!
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