Storage Box for Glitter

Friday, March 15, 2019

In this blogpost I'll show you how I have stored away my glitter (sequins) in a 3-layer transparent box. Maybe I like the storage even more than the actual scrapbooking. There are just so many ways to storage your stuff. And it's important to see it all, so you know what you can use.
I bought this box and the sequins, from the picture down below, at a dollarstore in Holland. It's called SoLow (they don't have a webshop). I thought it would be easy to fit it all in, but it turned out I didn't have enough space. So I had to put some colors together. And sometimes it's better to put two totally different colors together -then two who look a lot like the same color- because then it's easier to separate them whenever you want to use them in your craft.
In the next photos I'll show you how I stored it. I don't think you'll need an explanation for that!

How do you store your scrapbook supplies? Are you using those kind of boxes or do you like to 'show' it better? That's nice too, if you have to space for that! Enjoy crafting!