About me

Hi! Welcome to my blog!
On this blog I will share some things I make and do and use with Bible journaling or scrapbooking. I started Bible  Journaling in October 2017. And after a year I started with scrapbooking as well. I think those two are very similar.

Some things about me:

I am 22 years young and I live in Holland. (That's also why I'll make a lot of 
mistakes in spelling. English is not my first language.)

I am addicted to candy. But really... I could eat it all day. When I was a child, I asked 
my parents so many times for candy that at one day, they decided I had to eat candy for breakfast, lunch and diner. I couldn't eat anything else but candy. For 3 or 4 days. Unfortunately I didn't really help.

Sometimes I feel ashamed of all (creative) the stuff I have. When it comes to scrapbooking 
I always have the feeling I don't have 'everything'. Although I have way to much. There is  just a lot of stuff that we can use.

I love Jesus. More than anything. Knowing who I am in Him, because of what He did for me makes me speechless. Because He took my sins and made me 'perfect' in Gods eyes again; I am able to live with the almighty God forever and ever.

Ik hope I can inspire you through faith and with all the colors I use.
Thank you for visiting my blog!

Love, Eline